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In order to begin the path back to long-term health, several products are important to get maximum results. Products like an air and water purifier, a juicer, a starter set of waterless/greaseless cookware, specific nutritional supplements, and good positive books and videos.

We have hand selected these products from dozens of vendors based on how they work, are they fairly priced, and do you really need them? We are confident and offer a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee that if for any reason, you can return the product to us for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

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Cookware - Waterless and Greaseless

Most of us give very little thought to how much damage we do to food when we cook it. According to Kansas State University, when we boil anything or steam anything above 186 degrees, we lose up to 80% of the remaining nutrients in the food. When we cook below 186 degrees, we actually retain up to 96%! Microwaves heat food at over 400 degrees. This kills all the enzymes and nutritional value, even protein. We have videos on our site that will teach you how to shop for high food value and then we teach you how to cook it in our Cooking with the Doctor series. Our Cookware is made in America and is the highest quality money can buy and has a life-time guarantee.

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Water Purification/Ionization

In the 70’s water purification was done with very large stainless steel distillers that required monthly de-scaling and vinegar. It was slow, expensive, and labor intensive. Today, water purification is done for the same reasons—to pull the harmful chemicals and metals out of the water. In the last ten years, water ionizers have become popular. These units not only filter the water, but they use electrolysis to separate the alkaline water from the acid water and they have the ability to “amp” up the intensity or the pH levels. Our unit delivers good alkaline water at 9.5 giving your body a chance to maintain a high pH and utilize the antioxidant nature of alkaline water that can be much higher in antioxidant value that orange juice. This unit produces 2 gallons of water every three minutes but higher pH requires more time.

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Air Purification

Many people underestimate the importance of breathing clean filtered air indoors. Yet the EPA says that indoor air pollution is worse now that outdoor air because most of our homes and office buildings are sealed. We rarely play or work outside as we did just a generation ago. We fill our homes and offices with chemicals that off-gas 24 hours a day and the result can not only make us sick, but can lead to much worse diseases, even death in extreme cases like black mold. The answer is to purify or filter the air. Purifiers tend to work best against the molds, bacteria, and viruses that may be present in our breathing space. These “filterless” purifiers use a photo-catalytic process to produce hydroxyl radicals that reduce things like mold to levels where one can breathe easier, stay healthier.

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