About Us

The Cancer Support Show was founded in 2012 in order to offer Life-time Support for cancer patients no matter where they went for treatment. Rick Hill often describes what it was like to arrive back home after treatment at Oasis 38 years ago and suddenly realize there was very little in their house he could eat. He didn’t know about juicing, air or water purification, and didn’t know there is a way to cook food and preserve 95% of the original nutrients if we cook below 186 degrees. This takes help and support.

Every Monday morning we will post a new Podcast and Cooking with the DoctorShow video. If you miss some, we will have a free library for you to review. Our online store will help you select the right products for the maximum benefit selected from hundreds of products over the last twenty years. Listen to the latest, Boot Camp as Rick Hill tells the patients at Oasis what it takes to survive and thrive for 38 years. Read our Blogs and post your comments. Register and "Like us" for a free E-Book. It’s all here. Come back each and every week for new information. If there is a site designed with you in mind, it’s this site!

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